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Kevin Kossowan, BCom  

Filmmaker. Sound. Story Chaser.

Kevin is a multi-award winning filmmaker, including a nomination for a James Beard Foundation Award for his series, From The Wild. 

Kevin's passionate about film and sound design. With a degree in business and too many years of experience in the world of finance, jokes are made about his spirit animal being a spreadsheet.​ Spreadsheets for pre-producing scenes and storyboards, spreadsheets for shotlists and packing lists for the field. Kevin wins at spreadsheets.

Kevin has produced film all over the world, details in the long-form CV you can download below. His current obsessions include mid-side ambiance soundscaping for film, scene design in pre-production, original score composition, story editing, and firewood.


EIFFLaurels WHITE.png

James Beard Foundation Award 2019

Nomination in 'Visual & Technical Excellence' category for season 4 of From The Wild, alongside Netflix Chef's Table and CNN Parts Unknown

James Beard Foundation Award 2018

Nomination in 'best web series on location' category for season 3 of From The Wild

Devour! Food Film Festival 2017

Took home a trophy in the short documentary category for 'Kill Day'

Edmonton International Film Festival 2015

Winner of people's choice award for documentary 'Springhammer'

Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40

Category: "Local Food Expert"

 Western Living Magazine Foodie of the Year

"When the apocalypse hits, we're making a beeline to Kevin's house"

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